Breakfast, Hard-boiled Wonderland Style


I put some water on to boil, took tomatoes from the refrigerator and blanched them to remove the skin. I chopped up a few vegetables and garlic, added the tomatoes, then stirred in some sausage to simmer. While that cooked down, I slivered some cabbage and peppers for a salad, dripped coffee. I sprinkled water on to a length of French bread, wrapped it in foil, and slid it into the toaster-oven. Once the meal was ready, I cleared away the empty bottles and glasses from the living room and woke her up.

“Mmm. Something smells good,” she said.

My take on the narrator’s quick and easy morning-after breakfast. It made for some delicious Sunday brunch.

Murakami’s characters always seem to just whip up these tasty dishes out of whatever happens to be in the fridge. In that spirit, I tossed in some onions and spinach I already had to bulk it up a bit and give some extra flavour. I also substituted cabbage for iceberg lettuce and gave the salad a little splash of balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

You can  use tinned tomatoes if you don’t have fresh tomatoes handy, this will  also save you the blanching step.





– Chapter 37 “Lights, Introspection, Cleanliness”, Hard-boiled  Wonderland and the End of the World


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