Bourbon and nibbles à la “Hard-boiled Wonderland”

DSC_0223I made myself a big Old Crow on the rocks, flash-broiled a block of atsu-agé fried tofu, and topped it off with grated daikon radish to go along with my drink. I offered her a drink but she wasn’t interested. 

     “Could I have a bit of that atsu-agé, though?” she asked. I pushed the remaining half-block over to her and just drank my bourbon.


I was intrigued by how simple yet delicious this atsu-agé fried tofu sounded so I gave it a go. It turned out to be just as easy and as tasty as the book suggests.

You will need:

1 decent sized block of firm silken tofu

2 tbsp of oil (I used sesame and olive oil)

1 tbsp grated daikon radish

1 tbsp of soy sauce



1. Drain your tofu and cut it into decent sized wedges.

2. Soak the tofu in just-boiled salty water (this should help make a golden crust) for about 15 minutes.

3. Lay your tofu onto a clean dish-cloth and fold the cloth over it, patting it dry.

4. Heat a flat frying pan to a high temperature and swirl the oil around it making sure it’s well coated.

5. Add the tofu. Fry it on one side until golden then flip and do the other side.

6. When you’re happy with the crispy coating remove the tofu from the pan with a slotted spatula.

7. Season the tofu with some salt, pepper and daikon radish. Add some soy sauce  and extra daikon on the side to taste.





 Chapter 9, “Appetite, Disappointment, Leningrad”, Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World,



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