A Very Controversial Beef and Green Peppers Stir Fry



The meat and vegetables were ready and waiting, so that I could cook them the minute she came in. Not that I had any great feast in mind: I would be stir frying thin slices of beef, onions, green peppers, and bean sprouts with a little salt, pepper, soy sauce and a splash of beer – a recipe from my single days. 

I really enjoyed this little scene from the The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, where Kumiko is so dramatically offended by her husband’s dinner offering. Unlike Toru Okada’s ill-fated version that ended up in the rubbish, (Food one minute, garbage the next), my beef and green pepper stir fry luckily made it to the plate.

I pretty much followed the book’s recipe verbatim, with a splash of Asahi and the little addition of sesame seeds to complement the sesame oil everything had been fried in.

In spite of  Kumiko’s profound objections to the idea of stir frying beef with green peppers, we quite enjoyed this quick and easy Friday night supper.


Chapter 2, “Full Moon and Eclipse of the Sun – On Horses Dying in the Stables”, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


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