She cooked me some prawns, isn’t it good, Norwegian wood?


In the evening, Midori did some shopping in the neighborhood and made dinner. We ate tempura and rice with green peas at the kitchen table, and washed it all down with beer. 

“Eat a lot and make lots of semen,” Midori said. “Then I’ll be nice and help you get rid of it.”

I love Midori, she’s probably my favourite Murakami character and she’s a cracking cook to boot. Completely self-taught, her mastery of complicated Japanese dishes is both impressing and intimidating, so I took it easy with my first Midori meal and opted for a simple prawn tempura. Luckily, simple does not negate deliciousness here!

For tempura batter you will need:

100g of cornflour

100g of plain flour

200ml of beer

1 egg, lightly beaten

– Sift your cornflour and plain flour into a bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour and add your egg and beer. Whisk it all together and you should have a very light batter. Don’t worry if you have a few lumps in there.

– Pour some flour on a plate and season a little with some salt and pepper. Coat your prawns in the flour.

– For deep-frying these bad boys you’re going to need to heat some vegetable oil in a thick bottomed pot to a very very high heat. To check the temperature of the oil, drop a smalll piece of bread into it. If it sizzles and cooks immediately then you’re good to go. Be careful when deep frying as hot oil is unsurprisingly very dangerous. Never leave it unattended.

-When your oil is good and hot you can dip your prawns in the tempura batter and then gently drop them into the pot. When the batter is golden and fluffy yet crunchy (say after about two minutes or so) you can remove them with a slotted spoon and place them on a kitchen-paper covered plate to drain.

– Enjoy with some rice (I simply boiled mine), some green peas (I kept mine in their pods and steamed them with some salt, lemon juice and a little butter), some soy sauce for dipping, and of course some cold beer to wash it down.


Believe me lads and ladies, those prawns aren’t just photogenic, they’re ridiculously tasty too. Try them yourselves and enjoy!


Norwegian Wood


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